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About This Site

My love for holistic medicine came from my grandmother and her wonderful garden, oils and other natural therapies. From sniffles to headaches to indigestion, she would treat all the grandchildren with hugs and kisses and her wonderful herbs and supplements. I wish I had spent more time learning from her.

After our daughter developed a peanut allergy and asthma at a very early age, we were told she would need to be on 2 different prescriptions for the rest of her life. Remembering my grandmother, we stared to look into alternative medicine to help our daughter.

Homeopathy, low dose immune therapy and strengthening her gut are just some of the wonderful therapies we discovered along the way, and I am happy to say that our daughter is a healthy young adult not relying on any prescriptions.

I am not saying holistic medicine is the only answer, but it is an essential part of the answer to any ailment.

My hope with this website is to bring to you options you may not know are available to you to complement the therapies you are already doing.

Take charge of your health, do some research. Find someone who will help you find the root cause of your problem. Give your body what it needs and watch it bloom!

We are all different, our bodies are a wonderful machine unique to us.

Listen to it, research options, and connect with a provider who will listen to you and provide a treatment designed just for you.

With much love,

Sky Goodwin