February, The Cyclones Of Energy Begin

By Geri Habstritt

February is here and it’s actually the energetic beginning of the new year.  Last year we began a 13 month energetic calendar cycle.  So even though the 3D world is still following a traditional 12 month calendar, energetically we have shifted.  The 13 reduces to the 4, which is about perfect balance.  It was necessary for this to happen.  Notice the energy shift as we move into February.  

February is where 2 cyclones of energy begin, an upward cyclone that will accelerate you beyond your dreams if you can navigate the balance of the 5 medicines, keep your eyes on the divine and surf with it OR a downward cyclone that will quickly pull you down if you fall into victim consciousness, focus on the news, or hang out with fear filled people.  The 2 key words for this year are “Look Up.”  The divine is in everything.  Train your eyes to see it.

In January we began the 5 medicines in the physical.  Notice how many very quickly fell into physical illness and how many transitioned.  I lost 1 friend and my spiritual/medical intuitive teacher in January.  February, we enter into the emotional body.  This is a real opportunity to release the unresolved emotional content and fear that has been weighing you down literally.  The outer world will try to trap you in the emotional body.  Look up!  Journal, exercise, dance, be in water.  This will be the month of the sacral chakra.  You don’t need to swim or drown in emotions.  You can lift above, witness, love, release and notice yourself getting lighter!

We are in a time of alchemical transformation on our planet.  Everything is going to be and IS transforming.  Our moons will assist us with this.  As transformation invites change on every level many things, systems, etc. will need to fall apart and deconstruct.  Many are going to resist this and it will likely play out in many ways.  An awareness of what’s ahead assists you to keep your eyes on the divine.  

It’s IMPERATIVE to float above what’s happening in the outer world for the next 60 days without getting lost in it, until the March equinox.  This is where we anchor and have an opportunity to restore balance and set a new life affirming consciousness in motion.  If we collectively drown ourselves in the outer world before then, it likely won’t be pretty. 

Support from like hearted friends is going to be key and paramount. We are collectively being asked to grab each other arm in arm, hand in hand and assist each other outside of greed, jealousy and competition and DO, just because it’s the right thing.


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