How to Lose Weight & Keep it Off

By Riley Romazko

Many people find themselves losing a lot of weight and gaining it all back & perhaps an extra twenty pounds due to overlooked reasons. These circumstances are actually very clear if you look a little bit deeper. Many people fail to realize the concept of sustainability & enjoyment when it comes to weight loss. There are valuable foundations that are missing in many dieters and even those who prescribe the diets. Now let‘s take a look at the QUALITY of food versus QUANTITY of food.

Weight loss definitely comes down to calories in & calories out, so there must be some form of restriction, but slow & steady always wins the race. Major restriction is unrealistic and unsustainable and most often leads to failure and a constant circle of yo-yo dieting. (You know those people who go in 110% and can‘t keep up with the demands and end up failing?) On top of that, you can end up with malnutrition from forgetting the basic foundation of nourishment - and also cause weight rebound for many possible reasons (toxic overload, binge eating, adrenal fatigue, oversized portions, and more). If you restrict, you’ll want what you “can’t have” even more and possibly get stuck with irreparable, unhealthy ideas about food. Believe me, I’ve been there. That’s why I preach sustainability to all of my clients.

Eating a bunch of diet foods & drinks may help you lose weight, but sustainability and quality are missing in this equation. Sure, you have caloric intake down, but you are missing valuable nutrients from whole, unprocessed foods - the foods that SUSTAIN our bodies for the long-term. Fad diets that show a lot of temporary success often mislead the public into believing that it will be the cure. Keto, Paleo, raw vegan, gluten-free - whatever it is - are frequently mistaken for weight loss miracles. You simply cannot live eating this way and weight loss is about a lifestyle change, not a temporary one. If you remember that, you are one step closer to success.

The main takeaway I want for those who read this is - if you don’t enjoy your journey and can’t stick with it, it won’t last. Stick with something that you enjoy, something that’s working, and something that is nourishing to your body. Find healthy foods that you enjoy in moderation and base your eating off of those. Forget the fad diets and focus on your body, your interests, your life. Remember, it’s a new lifestyle, not a temporary fad. If you collaborate sustainability with enjoyment, you will lose the weight so much easier.


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