Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic Technique

By Dr. Collin Struble DC CME

The Blair Upper Cervical Technique is a unique light-force method of chiropractic adjustment that requires specialized training and can only be performed by a select group of chiropractors. Dr. Collin Struble's goal, when attaining his Doctorate at Palmer College of Chiropractic, was to perfect this most precise method of analysis and adjustment to enable him to locate the source of a patient's pain and correct it with minimal trauma to the body.

The upper neck is the epicenter of the body's nerves and protected by two powerful vertebrae called the atlas and axis. Having the ability to precisely address these two important vertebrae utilizing the Blair Upper Cervical Technique is the key to Dr. Struble's success in helping so many patients. When there is pain, Dr. Struble looks to the upper neck.

Understanding the importance of the upper neck is what makes Dr. Collin so effective. The upper neck, or cervical segment of the neck, can move out of alignment as early as the birthing process, and then as a consequence of sports or personal injuries, neck trauma, repetitive work tasks, and even from improper sleep positions. Misalignment, or subluxations, in the neck put pressure on the base of your brainstem. This, in turn, interferes with the free flow of signals as they travel through your nervous system, causing malfunction and pain in the body in places you might not think are associated with a neck issue. Neck pain, migraines, headaches, dizziness, vertigo, anxiety, carpal tunnel symptoms, and other unexplained ailments come about as a result of these pinched nerves.

This scientific technique is a BIG deal! Experience relief from pain like you never thought possible with Blair Upper Cervical Care, a chiropractic adjustment technique at The Wellness Center of Boise. If you are being treated with other chiropractic techniques that aren't getting you the relief you need, contact us at The Wellness Center of Boise for an appointment that will change your life.


Riley Romazko on 2021-02-25: This is a great technique and one of the most effective I’ve experienced! It isn’t anything to fear, as I know some people think of chiropractic as the cracking and twisting! This isn’t like that.

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