Detox On Your Rebounder

Equipment Needed: A Rebounder Dumbbells Exercise mat (optional) Water bottle Warm up: (on floor) Leg cradle (30 seconds) Quad Pull (30 seconds) Arm Swings (30 seconds) Side Bend Reaches (30 seconds) Bend forward & reach down (1 minute) Side Lunge stretch (1 minute) Crawl out & Spiderman (1 minute) (water break) Workout: Health bounce (heals in & out) (1 minute) Weight shift (1 minute) Bounce (1 minute) 2 legged side to side hop (use arms) (1 minute) Low jumping jacks (1 minute) 180 jump turns (1 minute) (water break) (On Rebounder) Alternating squat & leg abduction (8 each side) 6 Squat Jumps each side (1 foot on & 1 foot off Rebounder) 6 Knee lifts on each side with elbow to knee (with 1 foot on & 1 foot off Rebounder) Back rows (8 reps) Back fly (4 reps) “Y” (4 reps) Lateral runs across Rebounder (30 seconds) Push-ups 10 reps Scissor jumps (1 minute) Triceps dips with Rebounder (10 reps) High knee running (30 seconds) The Monkey (30 seconds) (water break) Ab routine: ( with Rebounder) Lie down to sit up (arms overhead) feet on floor 8 reps Plank punches (8 reps) Lie down to sit up (arms overhead) feet on floor 8 reps (water break) Cool-down Stretches: Seated figure 4’s (1 minute) Side lunge stretch (30 seconds) Chest & hamstring stretch (30 seconds) STAY IN TOUCH: Hit the SUBSCRIBE button WEBSITE: STORE: FACEBOOK:   / lsretreat   DISCLAIMER: This video and description contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, we’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and us so we can keep making more great videos. Thanks for your support.


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