This Trainer Says No Whey!

By Riley Romazko

Many people who consistently exercise are familiar with protein supplements. There are various types of protein supplements including casein, egg, collagen, whey, pea, soy, rice, and more; but the most common form is still whey protein. You will often see bodybuilders and nutrition shop employees push whey protein because of its “incredible gains.” While whey may provide a complete protein profile and offer aesthetic results, there may be more negatives than positives.

Putting aside the vanity of fitness, true wellness should always be a priority. Whey protein may provide that “chiseled look” in some instances, but may not provide many health benefits and may actually be doing the opposite. For one, whey protein is in fact a by-product of the dairy industry — an abusive and un-environmental business. Dairy products including whey may also contain harmful dioxins, pesticides, bovine growth hormone (rBST), and heavy metals. Protein powders in general, whether animal or plant based, may contain harmful toxins as a result of processing and cultivation methods, but there are more safe plant based options.

Many people also struggle with dairy consumption, likely due to lactose that is present. Whey contains the allergenic, gut UN-friendly sugar. Whey protein serves absolutely no gut health benefits due to its absent fiber content and inflammatory effects. Gut health issues are the root of many chronic health problems today and whey doesn’t help. Plant based protein provides ample fiber, a potentially complete amino acid profile, and a complex of phytonutrients to support overall wellness — WITHOUT the allergenic lactose.

While this may come across as a dairy bashing article, I understand that many people prefer dairy based products for various reasons. However, as a personal trainer and holistic nutritionist, I always recommend plant based protein supplements for myself, my family, and my beloved clients. You will always make the best decision in the search for your own wellness!


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