Exploring How New Hormones Shape Our Bodies: Peptide Hormones and Fat

In the 21st century, scientists uncovered some exciting secrets about how our bodies work, especially when it comes to fat. They found tiny proteins called peptide hormones that play a big role in how our fat behaves. Let's take a closer look at these hormones and what they do.

1. Leptin: The Fat Controller

Leptin is like a messenger that tells our brain when we've had enough to eat. It's made by our fat cells, and when we have lots of fat, we make more leptin. Leptin then tells our brain that we're full, so we stop eating. But if we don't have enough leptin, our brain doesn't get the message, and we might keep eating more than we need.

2. Adiponectin: The Good Guy

Adiponectin is a helpful hormone that our fat cells produce. It helps our body use sugar and fat properly, which keeps us healthy. When we have enough adiponectin, our body is better at using insulin, a hormone that controls our blood sugar levels. But if we don't have enough adiponectin, our body might not use insulin well, which can lead to diabetes.

3. Resistin: The Trouble Maker

Resistin is a hormone that can cause problems if we have too much fat. It makes it harder for our body to use insulin properly, which can lead to diabetes. Resistin might also cause inflammation, which is when our body gets red and swollen because it's trying to fight off something bad. So, having too much resistin isn't good for our health.

4. FGF21: The Fat Fighter

FGF21 is like a superhero hormone that helps our body use energy better. It tells our body to burn fat for energy instead of storing it. FGF21 can also help our body use sugar better, which is important for staying healthy. Scientists think that FGF21 might be able to help people who have problems with their weight or diabetes.

5. Irisin: The Exercise Buddy

When we exercise, our body makes a special hormone called irisin. Irisin tells our fat cells to burn more fat, which helps us lose weight and stay healthy. It also makes our muscles stronger and can even make our bones stronger too. So, getting enough exercise is important for making irisin and keeping our body healthy.

In conclusion, these new hormones discovered in the 21st century are like tiny messengers that tell our body what to do with fat. They help control how much we eat, how we use energy, and even how we respond to exercise. By understanding these hormones, scientists hope to find new ways to help people stay healthy and prevent problems like obesity and diabetes.


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