Experience to Wisdom | Vervain

Event Schedule: 2027-11-04, 05:00 pm - 2029-11-04, 06:00 pm
Location: None Garden City ID
For more information: https://www.thevervaincollective.com/event-details/experience-to-wisdom

Experience to Wisdom: Nourishment During the Sacred Rite of Passage - Menopause

With Kirstin Gooldy

Nov 4, 5-6:30 pm

$32.32 - includes a tea to take home!

During this sacred time we will:

  • Learn to intuitively communicate with your body to learn its voice and uncover its natural biorhythms.
  • Engage in meditation to connect deeper into the energies of your feminine wisdom.
  • Discover herbal remedies that support and aid menopausal ailments.
  • Learn the energetics of herbs and their sacred meaning in various cultures.
  • Sacred rituals to support the transition from experience to wisdom - stepping into the wise woman.