Joyfulliving Quantum Healing

Geri L Habstritt

Healing, Wholeness and Vitality are the direct result of an alignment between body, mind and spirit. Your purpose, passion, actions and joy along with healthy nourishment, vitamins and environment directly effect every aspect of your being.  Unresolved emotions (pain, guilt, doubt, anger, unforgiveness and fear)  congest in the body and create imbalances and dis-ease in any of the organs and tissues causing a multitude of issues.  

As a medical intutive I can track the energy flow and congestions in the body.  Based on where these congestions are located I can determine the emotional energies that are causing the dis-ease.  Through love, attention and quantum healing, balance can be restored.

Some of the healing techniques I use include EFT (tapping), journaling, coaching, inner child work; quantum healing techniques include; Avesa chakra balances, ancient Egyptian anointing, cosmic life regression therapy and soul charting.

The quantum healing techniques lift you into direct alignment with your soul's energy and offer a lift in frequency and consciousness that offers healing and restores wholeness and balance effortlessly.

Health Categories:

Energy Therapy
Naturopathic Medicine

Health Conditions Treated:

I treat ALL health conditions.


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