Dr Ashlee Jane

Naturopathic medicine

Dr. Ashlee Jane helps people to write their stories. This may look like feeling better in their bodies, updating beliefs, connecting with and processing emotions, and removing obstacles to deep healing. At MediKha we offer more than a capsule. Dr. Jane will walk with you down your own unique healing path.‚Äč Your goals are just as important as our medical goals. 


Dr. Jane has spent 13 years studying, working, and traveling around the world to build a holistic healing paradigm to helps patients achieve a deeper level of healing with each symptom corrected. Whether patients come in for hormones or heartburn, they leave with a better understanding of their body, their individual needs, and how to sustain their health.   


Dr. Jane has completed an eclectic collection of trainings to offer her patients a unique approach to holistic healthcare. With a background in physiology, diagnostics, counseling, nutrition, energy medicine, herbalism, homeopathy, and hands-on therapies, she am uniquely trained to connect the dots of your individual healthcare puzzle, so that you can stop being a number, and start healing in the way that is unique to you. 

Health Categories:

Herbs & Supplements
Naturopathic Medicine

Health Conditions Treated:

Cardiovascular Disease
High Cholesterol
Diabetes Mellitus
Gallbladder Dysfunction
Hypothyroidism / Hyperthyroidism
Chronic Fatigue
PMS / Heavy Bleeding
Headaches / Migraine
Reflux / Heartburn
Conception & Family Planning
Kidney Disease
Depression & Anxiety
Acne & Eczema
Sleep Disorders / Insomnia
Fever Management
Food Poisoning
Respiratory Infections / Cough
Wound Healing
Sinus Infections


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