Joule Case

Meet Joule Case, The Future Of Portable Energy

Joule Case provides power where you need it. Our stackable battery technology provides power wherever the grid is unavailable. Unlike a generator, a Joule Case is quiet, emissions-free, and safe for indoor use.

Limitless Possibilities With Stackable Systems!

Portable power made easy! Instead of using a noisy, smelly, and inefficient generator, use our Joule Case Power Stack to truly be prepared when you need it!

Outages are unpredictable, and you deserve energy that is consistent and low maintenance. Batteries have a clear advantage over generators because they operate cleanly, quietly and are safe for indoor use.

And Joule Case is expandable! No need to buy a second power station. If you need more power from your Joule Case system, then all you need to do is stack. The Joule Case can add up to 7 battery modules on to any control module for maximum power in your home, office, or outdoor adventure. You will never need another power source again!

Recharge it from shore power, or, even better, use a renewable source like solar power! Joule Case is designed to operate with renewable energy sources to continue to provide power when you're away from the grid, whether planned or unplanned.

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Renewable Energy
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Battery Generators
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