Dr Anna Martin NMD

Dr. Martin is a naturopathic physician and functional medicine doctor with extensive training in clinical neuroscience and environmental medicine. She focuses on optimizing your health as a whole system so that you can live your life on your terms.
​While Dr. Martin provides primary care, she also works in depth with patients in need of neuro-rehabilitation, have neuro-degeneration, or are dealing with other neurological or mental health issues such as ADHD or autism.
Since our brains are not a solitary system, but work directly with the rest of the body, she will work with you to find the underlying cause of your illness and treat it directly while also addressing your symptoms. 
​Dr. Martin also has advanced training in physical medicine.
Additionally, she is the founder of the Neuro Think Tank, a clinical neurology research group.​ 

Health Categories:

Brain Health
Functional Medicine
Naturopathic Medicine

Health Conditions Treated:

Brain Health
Neuro Degeneration


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