Pro EFT™ Center LLC

Advanced EFT tapping techniques
Tapping on your body’s super comforting points
Turning on the body’s record button
Deleting the reactions you don’t like
Programming in the reactions you want
Sessions are in the office or online video chat

Health Categories:

Depression and Anxiety
Energy Therapy
Pain Management
Sleep Problems
Weight Loss

Health Conditions Treated:

Do you have your emotions or do your emotions have you? Putting you back in charge:
Negative thoughts that keep coming back
Stress, Anxiety, Panic, Fear, Anger, Shame, Guilt, Depression, Confusion, Doubt, not Confident
Reactions you keep having when you are triggered but don't want to happen
Physical sensations in your body including pain, nausea, dizziness, heart palpitations
Behavior patterns you don't like
Blocks that keep you from achieving your goals
Repeating relationship patterns that are hurtful and subtract from your life energy
Phobias, fear of driving, flying, public speaking, heights, traveling
Severe traumas that still have an effect on you today


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