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Christine Bubb

Many people are haunted by brain fog and worry about losing their mental clarity as they get older but do not realize there are actions they can take to sharpen their mind. At A Mind For All Seasons, we have developed a personalized, research-based approach to help you have a better brain now and prevent Alzheimer's and other types of dementia in the future. We call this approach The Enhance Protocol.

For those living with dementia, The Enhance Protocol is also a game changer. Using extensive blood tests, and careful evaluation, we are able to identify many of the factors that contribute to dementia and establish a personalized plan to support the brain. Through dietary changes, improved physical activity, addressing sleep problems, correcting nutrient and hormonal deficiencies, and using medical devices that improve blood flow, energy production, detoxification, and calm inflammation, we are often able to help people living with dementia experience improvement in their cognitive and functional abilities.

Since the body is a complex biological system and you cannot make changes in one part of the system without affecting others, our clients often experience benefits beyond improved brain health. Common results include weight loss, improved diabetic markers, reduced pain, more energy, improved chronic disease management, and better cardiovascular health.

Many families and professionals wrestle with day-to-day caregiving challenges and find tremendous benefits from our coaching and training services. We have a team of highly experienced professionals who provide coaching and training to families and professionals all over the United States.

Health Categories:

Brain Health
Depression and Anxiety
Functional Medicine
Gut Health
Herbs & Supplements
Naturopathic Medicine
Pain Management
Regenerative Medicine
Senior Health
Sleep Problems
Weight Loss

Health Conditions Treated:

Alzheimer's disease
vascular dementia
Lewy Body dementia
Parkinson's and Parkinson's dementia


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