Senida (Sandy) Salinas

As we age, our stem cells decline in their ability to heal our bodies. By age 35, only 50% of our stem cells are working. By age 65, we have lost almost all stem cell activity. Now with this lastest technology, we can reactivate our stem cells. This stem cell patch is made of organic crystals that hold a patented light frequency. The light we emit from our skin activates the patch to elevate GHK-Copper Peptides which is proven to ACTIVATE your stem cells, PRODUCE more stem cells and RESET your stem cells to a younger healthier state, much the same way the sun activates more Vitamin D in your body.

Backed by 20 years of development, Lifewave X39 patches has been demonstrated to provide the following health benefits: rapid pain relief, reduced inflammation, supports wound healing, energy, vitality & better sleep, mental clarity, enhances sports performance, faster recovery from exercise, improved skin & hair appearance.

Some people experience results within 30 days or sooner. Deep healing may occur in 3 months.

30 Day No Risk Money Back Guarantee!

Health Conditions Treated:

Rapid pain relief
Reduces inflammation
Supports wound healing
Better sleep
Mental clarity
Enhances sports performance
Faster recovery from exercise
Improved skin appearance
Improved hair appearance


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