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Dr. David Musnick, MD

David Musnick MD is a master clinician and diagnostician in both Orthopedic Sports Medicine and Functional Medicine. He is board Certified in Sports Medicine and Internal Medicine. Dr. Musnick has 33 years in Sports Medicine and Internal Medicine and 26 years in Functional Medicine. He has developed his own unique approach to assessment and treatment and has seen countless cases over the years. Dr. Musnick's work is published in numerous books and has spoken locally and nationally on numerous conditions especially Osteoarthritis and Concussion. He is Certified in Functional Medicine and was one of the original teachers of Functional Medicine. Originally from the Boston area, David Musnick spent 33 years of his career in the Seattle area before moving to Idaho in January 2022. He is very athletic and enjoys hiking, mountain biking, skiing, kayaking and pickleball. He has expertise treating a vast array of conditions and he has many specialized treatments that he has trained in and developed a very high level of skill in.


Health Categories:

PRP- Platelet Rich Plasma
Sports Medicine

Health Conditions Treated:

Joint Pain
Sprains/Injury of Knees, Thumb, Shoulders, Hips, Ankles and Feet
Neck/Cervical Spine
Muscle Pain, Spasm and Trigger Points
Ehlers Danlos and Hypermobility Syndromes
Disc and Nerve root injury and Pain
Memory Disorders
Insomnia/Sleep Disorders
Mood Disorders/Depression/Anxiety
Fatty Liver: alcohol and non alcoholic
Post COVID, Long COVID including loss of taste and smell
Cardiovascular Disorders including Lipid Cholesterol issues
Energy and Fatigue
MCAS Mast Cell Activation


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