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Discover the Healing Power of Arizona Natural Health Center's Vitalistic Approach

At Arizona Natural Health Center our philosophy is grounded in a vitalistic concept of health. Vitalism is the view that living things are distinct from inanimate objects in that they can regulate, repair, and regenerate themselves. The ability to maintain and restore health is a unique and inherent property of living systems.

The truth of this concept is self-evident. When was the last time you dinged the body of your car and your car spontaneously repaired the nick and touched up the paint? Never! Yet, your human body does this all the time. Healing does not emanate from somewhere outside of you. It is an inside job. As healers, we simply facilitate and augment this orderly and intelligent process that is built into the very fiber of your being.

Our tagline–awareness~empowerment~health–is the practical application of our philosophy. True healing begins with self-awareness. Only through awareness can you understand the way your body is currently functioning, determine those conditions and circumstances that impact your health, and assess how your body changes in response to treatment. Even the ability to imagine a better future, to envision vibrant health, is an aspect of awareness. Our collaborative model of care helps you hone your awareness and your vision, which is not only essential to achieving and maintaining optimal health, but is integral to a full experience of life.

Empowerment is defined as “the process of gaining freedom and power to do what you want…” Self-confidence, assuredness, and self-determination are considered signs of empowerment. To heal is to become free of injury or disease. We believe that you are the source of your own healing. The greatest healing technology on the planet is Nature and your nature is to heal. By emphasizing positive change and teaching you to tap into your body’s innate capacity to heal and regenerate, we empower you to reclaim your birthright to optimal health and achieve lasting wellbeing. To heal by your own hand is the pinnacle of empowerment.

At the core of our philosophy in action are the Seven Pillars of Health and Vitality: mastering stress, mindset, nutrition, sleep & circadian rhythm, movement & exercise, physical environment, and social connection. We address health conditions by targeting their root causes rather than merely treating symptoms. We help you overcome disease by promoting health. By optimizing the environment in which your body operates, you activate and amplify the healing mechanisms that are built into the source code of the human operating system.

Central to our approach is homeopathy, a remarkably safe and effective therapy that promotes deep healing. Dismissed by mainstream medicine, homeopathy has a unique capacity to ignite healing where other therapies have failed. Our doctors have witnessed and personally experienced the immense power of homeopathy to transform human health. Our doctors have completed extensive training in homeopathic analysis and case management. We have studied and apprenticed with renowned experts worldwide, completing residencies and fellowships all in an effort to master the immense power of homeopathy.

And while time and again we are blown away by the dramatic results that can be achieved by homeopathy, we insist on a holistic approach to achieving wellbeing–and it is this vision that makes Arizona Natural Health Center truly unique. While there are many excellent practitioners of homeopathy, nutrition, fitness, and other lifestyle therapies, there are few who masterfully fuse all of these modalities into a comprehensive healing system. Your personalized treatment plan will encompass various healing modalities, ranging from nutrition to breathwork to mindset practices, movement practices, light therapies, botanical medicines, natural hormone therapies, and other interventions, all with one goal in mind: to achieve optimal health, vitality, and wellbeing.

In choosing Arizona Natural Health Center, you are embracing a comprehensive and vitalistic approach to your health that combines cutting-edge medical science and time-tested healing technologies that activate and augment your inborn capacity to repair, regenerate, and revitalize, transforming your health and your life. Allow us to take you on a journey of self-healing and personal transformation, as we believe that by healing ourselves, we heal our families, our communities, and, ultimately, the world.

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Naturopathic Medicine
Pain Management
Women Wellness

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Autoimmune Disease
Back Pain
Women's Health
Type 2 Diabetes


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