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Dr Karin Duncan, NMD

Dr. Karin Duncan, NMD,  Physician Of Naturopathic Medicine

Board of Directors Northwest Parkinson's Foudation (NWPF).

Dr. Karin is a board-certified Naturopathic Physician, graduating from Bastyr University in Kenmore, WA. Dr. Karin's practice is focused in neurologic health, and specifically in the holistic approach to Parkinson's Disease. She serves as an adjunct physician for the Parkinson’s Disease Summer School in Kenmore WA, which attracts PwP and their care partners globally.  Dr. Karin is actively involved in advocacy and education for the NWPF and featured in podcasts sharing her approach.  She embraces a philosophy centered around forming and maintaining resilience in health and incorporates these values into each patient encounter.  For more information and lectures from Dr. Karin, click here

She believes that any path to wellness is the correct one, and by using the tools we instinctively possess combined with the art and science of medicine, we can uncover the deeper root of disease and work on an individual basis to improve the state of health. She is deeply interested in each person’s origin story, their life experience, their dreams and goals, and will commit to stimulate and empower her patients along their journey of wellbeing.As a peer-reviewed published author, Dr. Karin focuses personal research on the neuroimmunology of resilience and enjoys serving as a liaison between her education and clinical practice. Dr. Karin’s personal experience caring for her father has grown into a professional passion to provide individualized care for caregivers, feeling strongly that they are the core tenant of health in their communities and homes, and often speaks with support groups in her local area.

Originally from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Dr. Karin was born and raised on a sustainable homestead, and without modern amenities, learned how to provide and survive through gardening, hunting, and fishing, which created a lifelong relationship and deep respect with nature. She received her undergraduate degree in biomedical science from Grand Valley State University, where she excelled as a student-athlete. After her collegiate experience and witnessing the traumatic unfolding of 9/11, Karin was called to serve in the military as a Naval aviator and deployed to Afghanistan in support of OEF in 2010.

Health Categories:

Naturopathic Medicine
Regenerative Medicine

Health Conditions Treated:

Children's Health / Pediatrics
Digestive Health
Heart and Cardiovascular Health
Immune Health
Men's Health
Mental/Emotional Health
Neurological Health
Respiratory Health
Skin Health
Sleep Health
Thyroid and Adrenal Health
Women's Health


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