Regenerate with Rossiter

Whitney Collum

Regenerate with Rossiter


Rossiter is a deep myofascial tissue release method. I use my foot to create compression between your muscle and your bone. You perform movements which create fascial shearing. On the cellular level, there is an activation of hyaluronic acid and collagen production, increased hydration and blood circulation, a rebalancing of your body's soft tissue structure, and a rewiring of your nervous system.

Health Category:

Pain Management

Health Conditions Treated:

We focus on:
Resolving Pain
Releasing Tension
Reactivating proper movement patterns
Activating the Regenerative processes in the tissue
Relieving the nervous system of stress

We specialize the Recovery
and Resolution of:
Chronic Pain
Acute Injuries
Congested Lymph
Decreased Blood Flow
Stress and Tension
EMF Damage


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