Evolve Wellness

Taylor Pagano is a naturopathic doctor, holistic wellness coach, energy medicine practitioner, and yoga instructor. Her practice, Evolve Wellness, serves as a space for holistic healing and living. Her holistic approach stems from the understanding that the body has innate wisdom to heal itself and addresses the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic aspects of health. Working in partnership with her clients and utilizing a number of natural, therapeutic modalities and mind-body medicine, she supports clients in addressing the obstacles and root causes to realize their wellness goals. She works with individuals locally in Boise, ID and virtually around the world.

Health Categories:

Energy Therapy
Herbs & Supplements
Naturopathic Medicine

Health Conditions Treated:

Naturopathic and Energy Healing Services including:
Holistic Counseling
Diet & Lifestyle
Flower Essence and Gem Elixir Sessions
Herbal & Nutritional supplements
Biotherapeutic Drainage & Homeopathy
Reiki, Craniosacral, and Gemstone Energy Healing
Yoga, Meditation


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