My OMT of Idaho, LLC

  • At My OMT of Idaho we provide therapy and resources to treat Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders (OMDs). If you have this type of health condition, we can help customize a therapeutic plan to improve or correct abnormal function of the oral and facial muscles. This therapy can provide individuals of all ages the relief they need from poor sleep, or chronic headaches.  The harmonious balance of your orofacial muscles is life changing!

Health Categories:

Physical Therapy

Health Conditions Treated:

Oral Facial Myofunctional Disorders:
1. Mouth Breathing Habit
2. Tethered Oral Tissues
3. Mild to Moderate Obstructive Slee
4. TMJ disorders
5. Thumb/finger sucking
6. Neck/ Joint pain
7. Tongue Thrust


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