The Nerve Boss

Riley Romazko

I’m Riley, your Naturopathic Brain Coach. Being a fellow sufferer of devastating neurological issues, I understand what it’s like when your health holds you back.

I’ve had chemical poisoning, childhood asthma, IBS, Gastritis, hiatal hernia, GERD & LPR, Dysbiosis, parasites, allergies, mold toxicity, severe TMJD, skin issues, Interstitial Cystitis, cognitive issues, hormonal imbalance, chronic viruses, mood disorders, adrenal fatigue, Hypothyroidism, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, chronic headaches, and the ultimate monster: Cervical Dystonia. When I developed Dystonia at just 15 years old, my life changed forever. The tremors, spasms, twitches, and discomfort were enough to drive me into isolation and misery. My quality of life drastically declined and I didn’t see a bright future ahead of me.

When I dove into the world of holistic health with my body as my teacher, I knew I had found my true calling. Since then, I’ve reversed nearly everything you see above and I’ve helped hundreds of people with their health. I’m here today to help fellow chronic illness warriors regain their brain health through innovative strategies.

Health Categories:

Brain Health
Functional Medicine
Gut Health

Health Conditions Treated:

Neurological disorders
Movement disorders
Mood disorders
Cognitive disorders
Digestive disorders
Gut-Brain health


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