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Keystone is Pioneering House Call in Idaho

As health care providers, we've had the honor of serving the health needs in the Greater Boise area since 2011. But we noticed a large segment of the population wasn't able to get access to quality health care services. So in 2013, we formed Idaho's First Medical House Call Program and since then we have been bringing care to patients that are homebound or otherwise unable to travel to a clinic.

Choose Keystone. We'll provide the care you need, and the support you deserve.

Do I Qualify for Care?

Our patients are homebound adults** which includes medically fragile elders and disabled persons. In addition, the following qualifying factors must be met:

  • Residence must be in the greater Boise area

  • Patient is not in need of an emergency first visit

  • Patient (or family, when appropriate) agrees to accept our services

Do you accept my Insurance?

Keystone accepts:

  • Medicare (including most Medicare Advantage plans)

  • Medicaid

  • Most secondary insurance including:

    • Blue Cross

    • Pacific Source

    • United

    • And over 50 more in the Independent Physicians Network

  • Private pay is also an option for individuals who desire home-based-care but do not qualify under Medicare or private insurance rules.

Health Categories:

Depression and Anxiety
Gut Health
Medical Doctor (MD)
Pain Management
Physical Therapy
Senior Health
Sleep Problems
Weight Loss
Women Wellness

Health Conditions Treated:

Keystone Medical House call provides care for homebound patients. We treat all chronic medical conditions such as stroke, cancer, cardiac disease, COPD, traumatic injuries, movement disorders, and many other chronic conditions. But our expertise with treatment of Alzheimers and other Dementia diagnoses is where we truly stand out.

outstanding patient support

We have dedicated house call providers with varied specialties: Our forte is proactive medical management of medically fragile older adults or those with multiple degenerative diseases.

Chronic lung disease (COPD)
Cardiology (CHF)
Dementia Care (Alzheimer’s, Dementia with Lewy Body, Vascular Dementia)
Cancer in concert with your oncology team
End-Stage Renal Disease
Working with Hospice at the end of life
Working with Home Health Care with skilled services are needed in the home
Geriatric mental health conditions


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