Salt Sanctuary


A tranquil healing space to reset the mind and the body. Enjoy one of our three treatment rooms offering halotherapy (dry salt therapy) as the main therapy. Halotherapy has been proven to reduce the stress response, improve oxygen intake,brings on deep and restful sleep as well as clears and reduces inflammation and germs trapped in the respiratory tract.
We also offer far infrared heat therapy with a bio mat, massage, guided meditation, crystal bowl sound healing, Kirtan, and private yoga lessons in our salt rooms where you may find yourself mesmerized by our floor to ceiling walls of back lit Himalayan salt walls.
The entire space was built with the intention of healing and calm, so no harsh toxic chemicals will be found here. The entire space has a robust air filtration system, so no matter where you are the air is fresh and clean. All linens and products used are organic, even the neck pillows, blankets and eye masks!

Health Conditions Treated:

Asthma relief


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