Tanya Sheldon

LifeVantage began in the lab as a group of scientists who discovered we don’t have to accept cognitive and health decline as simply “part of getting older”. In just a few years, the movement has grown from a handful of people in a lab to a global phenomenon with no signs of slowing down.

We are biohacking and helping you take full control of your biology!

Biohacking is more than just reading mindless self-improvement tips. It is understanding the why behind how you’re feeling, thinking, and performing. Knowing the “why” empowers you to not only biohack your body, but to make impactful changes to your overall health and well-being. At LifeVantage, we live for finding the “why” through relentless research, experimentation, and technology.

Health Category:

Functional Medicine

Health Conditions Treated:

Inflammatory, gut, brain, energy, mood, vascular, skin and hair.


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