Connection Is The Cure Idaho

September Frogley

At Connection is the Cure our goal is to connect people to people and people to resources.   

Research shows that promoting connectedness—between people and within communities— creates a sense of belonging, which can be protective against suicide and addiction. It is also crucial to those struggling with mental health challenges.  We believe everyone has the ability to connect. As they connect with themselves, with their community and with their higher power, they will have the tools and the resources to help themselves as well as those around them. 

As we reach out to those that are struggling, those that desperately need mental wellness tools, and those that need motivation to live another day, we create connections. Connections that can Cure. Which is why we continue to provide workshops, trainings, service projects, firesides, etc. These activities offer hope, support, and resources to those whose lives have been touched by suicide, addiction, and mental health as well as their families.

In our dedication to promote Connectiveness, “Connection is the Cure” hosts various events and workshops throughout the year. These events bring hope and healing to our community and create opportunities for people to come together, in a safe space where hearts can open up in ways that other forums may not allow. Through music, guest speakers and partnerships with the community, we aim to offer hope and support to all attendees and help them leave with tools and resources that they can use to move forward.

“Connection is the Cure”, aims to normalize and encourage ongoing conversations about mental health, addiction recovery and suicide prevention in homes, schools, churches, workplace, locker-rooms, and throughout the community. Additionally, we are dedicated to equipping people of all ages, but especially teens, with strategies for suicide prevention and tools for addiction recovery on both individual and support levels. Furthermore, we strive to introduce individuals to the wealth of mental health, addiction recovery, and suicide prevention resources available in the community, creating a network of support and understanding that will make a measurable impact.

We believe everyone has the power within them to connect. The topics we address are complex and multi-dimensional, but with our focus on connection we are confident we can make a measurable impact. Research has shown that connection creates a sense of belonging, which can be protective against suicide and addiction. We also know that encouraging those connections takes work. There are three facets of connection—connection to self, connection to others, and connection to a higher power. Each of these is vital. As we empower people in our community to connect with resources and people around them, they will have the tools and knowledge to seek help for themselves, or others. Connection really is the cure.

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