Idaho Brain and Body Institute

Dr Spencer Zimmerman

We help individuals who are tired of being told it is all in their head and chasing one symptom after another while trialing one medication after another to find the answers to chronic fatigue, thyroid, brain fog, fb-depression-lp, autoimmunity, concussions, and dizziness utilizing a “whole body” approach in Meridian ID.

  • Do you feel you are just a number going in and out of the doctors office and wish they would spend time with you?
  • Are you tired of trying one medication after another being told the side effects are just part of it and there is nothing else you can do?
  • Do you know there has to be a better solution, but just aren’t sure what questions to ask or where to look?
  • Are you ready to be evaluated as a whole person because you know your health is the sum of your parts: brain, mind, and body?

Over the past 9 years we have refined a unique method that evaluates why your body and brain are not bouncing back to health. You know it has the capability, because it doesn’t make sense that our bodies and brain would break that quick unless there was something preventing it from recovering.

Our comprehensive approach in Meridian ID allows us to identify where your health is being held back: brain, mind, and body, without prematurely picking only one system to address and ignoring the rest.

The Brain-Mind-Body Method (BMB Method) provides the answers and solutions you need to take your health down the right path. This method is built upon evaluating and treating the brain, mind, and body.

Health Categories:

Brain Health
Depression and Anxiety

Health Conditions Treated:

Concussions & MTBI Treatments
Cognitive decline
Parkinson's Disease
Developmental Disorders
Autoimmune Disorders
Chronic Fatigue
Digestive Problems
Adrenal Dysfunction
Type 2 Diabetes


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