Sparrow Integrated Health

Abby Rhoades

Here at Sparrow, we don't just believe in thinking outside the box, we believe there is no "box" that everyone fits into. Our belief is that you know your body and your personal normal or best. We want to be your roadmap and combine your knowledge of you with our medical expertise to achieve optimal health. 

Each of the founding members of Sparrow Integrated Health have personal experience with necessary care being denied by commercial insurance companies. We empower patients to be actively involved in their own care decisions, rather than being limited or having care dictated by people who have no concern or investment in your health and wellbeing. The Direct Primary Care model allows us to practice without artificial limitations, pursuing the answers and results that are important to you.

Health Categories:

Depression and Anxiety
Functional Medicine
Women Wellness

Health Conditions Treated:

Thyroid Dysfunction
Hormone Dysfunction
Diabetes/Insulin Resistance
Abnormal/Irregular menstrual cycles
Strep throat
Ear Infections
Upper Respiratory Infections
Weight Gain
Hair thinning/loss
Musculoskeletal injuries (back, knees, shoulders, etc.)
Vitamin Deficiencies
ADHD (pediatric and adult)


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