Natural Health Improvement Center of Idaho

At our office, we are known for taking on tough cases. And we’re exceptional at restoring our patients’ health.

We offer safe, natural solutions for many health problems. From newborn babies all the way through the later years of life, we are helping many people find a natural, non-invasive way to improve their health.

We apply Functional Nutrition where we first identify the root causes to your health challenges and then create a designed clinical nutrition program specific to you.  Symptoms are present because there are underlying issues within the body that needs to be found and nutritionally addressed. We can help you eliminate the root cause of your health issues so that you can be well and thrive! 

Our goal is to help your body heal naturally.

Our practitioners provide services in the Meridian, ID. Patients from all over the Treasure Valley come to see us, and some even fly to our office from other cities!

Health Categories:

Functional Medicine
Herbs & Supplements

Health Conditions Treated:

Safe, natural solutions for many health problems. Please visit our website to watch a few success stories:


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